Conquering Life with PCOS: You've Got This!

In our previous article we spoke about what PCOS is, how it affects women, the diagnosis and the treatment of PCOS. However, a big part of the whole treatment process of PCOS is a lifestyle change in order to relieve the symptoms it causes. Here’s a few things you can do:

Healthy diet

Yes, yes, you’ve heard it before. Everything that’s good for your health is preached constantly (just like menstrual cups are!) But, good nutrition is half of your health. A good diet is very important if you’re dealing with PCOS.

So this might be obvious, but foods high in carbs, processed foods, fast food, and everything that nutritionists call “empty” calories should be off the list or brought to the minimum level as much as possible. These kinds of foods mess up with our health anyway, they affect our skin, cause acne and weight gain.

And, you probably know this lullaby already, green foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, especially foods high in fibers will help you conquer PCOS. They will slow down the digestion, and help regulate the blood pressure and sugar levels in your body (which are highly affected when it comes to polycistic ovarian syndrome). So, foods like green beans, kale, berries, pumpkin...if you reaaaally miss the startchy, carb foods then aim for whole-grain bread. Lentils are a good source of nutrition, too! Plus, you can make so many things with them!

Avoid red meats as they can mess up your cholesterol. The good old sugar should also be limited, sweet, but not very healthy. :(

Active lifestyle

It does get pretty obvious, but some things are really, that simple when it comes to what we can do to improve our health. Only 15 minutes of exercise per day can improve how you feel, both physically and mentally, and this positive reinforcement can help in regulating the hormones in your body. Walking, jogging, swimming, whatever your heart desires (don’t forget your menstrual cup while you do this if you need it, they’re the best fitness companion!!).

Supplements to boost your skin and relieve other symptoms like excessive hair growth or loss of hair

Depending on your particular situation, you may experience some of these symptoms, or all of them. If that is the case, talk to your doctor about supplements and medication that can be given in order to improve the condition and inhibit these symptoms as much as possible.

Omega-3 fatty acids are an important element in your nutrition to help you with skin inflammation, as well as help with blood pressure. Unfortunately, our body can’t make these, so making sure we put enough in our system is important.


While PCOS can be a challenge, it is not impossible to live with it. While cure isn’t found, you can still do things to help you conquer life while having PCOS. Talk to your doctor about your specific situation, and taylor a plan that fits you best. PCOS is so common, that actually one in 10 women are diagnosed with it. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk about it, as someone you know might be dealing with it, too. And remember, you are beautiful!

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