How to Properly Clean Your Menstrual Cup

A reusable menstrual cup is the type of hygiene product that you want clean at all times. A lot of newbies in the cup club ask these questions: How do I clean my cup? Do I need to use a specific product to do so? How do I store my cup and know that it’s clean?

Let’s answer!

Cleaning your cup

Your menstrual cup goes in a very sensitive, easily irritable area of your body, so this automatically limits the options of products you can use to clean your cup. For some reason, people often ask if they can just throw it in the dishwasher and the answer is no. The detergent used in dishwashers will compromise the silicone material of your cup. Do not put your menstrual cup in the dishwasher.

To wash your menstrual cup you can use:

  • Unscented, non-oil based soap and water - Simple! Use an unscented and non-oil based soap to clean your cup between uses, and be sure to rinse it thoroughly
  • Lunette Menstrual Cup Cleanser - The Lunette Cleanser is made specifically for the purpose of cleaning your cup. It is completely vegan, never tested on animals, and it has a wonderful, fresh smell.
  • Lunette Menstrual Cup Wipes - Another great thing to have with you on the go, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t able to use water. It’s also really nice that these wipes are made from biodegradable material! Here’s to a zero waste lifestyle!

  • But, what if I have none of these?

    Keep in mind, these situations are relatively rare, as most women can go all day without changing their cup, and so usually have a chance to keep this to the home restroom. However, for those of us who work extended shifts, or simply need to change more often on those heavy flow days, you may need to use the public restroom. Don’t panic! Just make sure you’ve washed your hands, then use the tissue paper to wipe your cup and reinsert. But once you get the chance to give it another thorough clean, do it. are when it’s nice to have a set of the cup wipes in your bag, by the way!

    Storing your cup between cycles

    Keep your menstrual cup sealed in a breathable storage bag, away from dust and dirt. You will usually receive your cup with just such a pouch. Before storing your cup for the month, boil the cup for 5-7 minutes (or whatever the recommended boiling time is for your cup) in boiling water to ensure the cup is sanitized before being put away. Be sure to let the cup fully dry before storing it, otherwise you could be at risk of letting mildew or bacteria take hold if you store a damp cup.

    Of course you should not leave your cup unattended while boiling it, because it’s too easy to walk away and forget about it.

    Keeping your menstrual cup clean is definitely not difficult. What you need to do is make sure that no matter which way you’re cleaning it, you’re using products that don’t compromise the quality of the medical grade silicone, and that you’re not cutting any corners when it comes to cleaning and storing your cup. When you take care of your cup, it can last you for years, and even after you stop using it, the medical-grade silicone that’s in good shape can still be reused.

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