Things You Didn't Know About Your Period

Something old, something new, something red, and most definitely not blue like the commercials are representing it (seriously, what’s up with that?!). Here’s some cool facts about your period that you mostly likely don't know:

  • Your voice changes when you’re on your period. There is a theory that says that because of the increased production of estrogen and progesterone during your period, your voice changes. Singing Whitney Houston under the shower might work this time after all?

  • That bloody orgasm eases the cramps. Cramps are pain, pain is reduced when happy hormones kick in and save the day, and they can be produced during an orgasm. The uterine contractions that an orgasm causes also help those cramps shush.

  • We use over 300 pounds of menstrual products in a lifetime. More than half of the world has a period, can you imagine how much money this is? And it doesn’t only harm your pocket, it harms the environment, too - landfills are full of tampons and pads. Not to mention how unhealthy they are, containing plastic, bleaches and chemicals. Seriously, why put this into your body or purchase it? Switch to eco-friendly reusable products, like menstrual cups and cloth pads. They love your insides more than tampons and pads ever will.

  • Your libido increases during your period. The irony, right? The increased production of estrogen and decreased production of progesterone - there’s the magic. If you find yourself feeling a little more frisky during this time of month, turns out there’s some actual science behind that feeling.

  • Humans are one of the three mammals that experience menopause. Check this out: elephants and whales can actually relate to you when you’re entering menopause. Bet you didn’t know that! By the way, you can find out more about menopause and what to expect for yourself as you progress into this part of our life here.

  • We are most likely to be violent during PMS and menstruation. One study that involved female inmates confirmed that they are most likely to commit a crime during their period/PMS. If it is a sin to take all that chocolate and run, then guilty as charged! 

  • When someone tells you it’s unacceptable to talk about your period, you have every right to ignore them. Seriously, what’s with the taboo around periods at this day and age?! Why are people so uncomfortable to talk about a natural process that more than half of the world goes through? #PeriodTalks are important, because periods are a real thing, and experiencing unpleasant symptoms that alter our lives during periods are a real thing. 

  • So, there you go, a few interesting facts about your period. Don’t forget to always aim for a healthier, happier and comfier period. Grab some eco-friendly products from

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