Ways to Recycle Your Menstrual Cup

There are tons of benefits to going “green” on your period. Products like cloth pads and menstrual cups are a great alternative if you want to save the planet and have a toxin-free period. Having products like these means that you won’t create as much waste as you would if you used the traditional period products like tampons and disposable pads. However, sometimes we just want a new cup, so what do we do with the old one?

Most of the cups, including ours are made of latex-free, non toxic medical grade silicone which can be recycled in many ways and turned into something else. So, how do you give new life to your old cup?

Add it to your gardening tools

If you’re all for the zero-waste life, you know that plants are friends! Your old menstrual cup can become your new gardening tool. If you have succulents or other small plants that don’t require a large amount of water, the cup would make the perfect water container for your tiny green friends.

Find facilities that recycle bio-degradable silicone

You can do some research and see if there are facilities that recycle this type of silicone in your local area. If so, you can go ahead and send your cup on an adventure. Hospitals also use products made of the same material as your cup, so you can check with your local hospital and see if they might need it. Another place where you can ask are sex shops. There are tons of sex toys made from the same medical-grade silicone as the cup. Who knows, maybe your cup can have a sexy afterlife.

Send it back to the manufacturer

The companies that manufacture your menstrual cup are doing so because they too, support a zero-waste life and some of them may have the capacity to take your cup back to recycle it. You can contact the manufacturer of your cup and ask them if you can send it back to them.

Make a keychain

Maybe this one is not for everyone, but if you want a unique keychain, you can go ahead and try to turn your cup into one. Using non-toxic paint to color it or even add interesting details to it, get creative and always have a memento of the cup life close to heart.

Remember to always sterilize the cup before sending it to facilities or even converting it into something else. Happy recycling!

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