We're Celebrating 82 Years of the First Patented Menstrual Cup!

On August 3rd, 1937, Leona Chalmers received the first patent for her menstrual cup invention, which led the way to help women everywhere experience safer, easier, more comfortable period care. 
Yes, there were arguably similar products offered up even earlier, but by most in the industry, this is generally recognized as the first commercial version of the cup we're all familiar with today.
Chalmers was an actress and invented the cup as a way to go longer hours with a cleaner, more dependable solution than the sanitary napkins of the time.
Her invention would struggle to gain any commercial success against the giants in the industry who were able to successfully promote pads and tampons as the mainstream American standards in period care.
Despite its lack of early commercial success, the menstrual cup has always had a small but passionate set of supporters who swear by its convenience and comfort in comparison to the alternatives.
In recent years, with the birth of the internet and more grassroots communication available than ever before, the menstrual cup has found new life among a growing audience of more informed, more demanding consumers - which we think is a good thing! 
In the era of industry giants losing ground to smaller, more innovative brands due to a more informed public with better access to more information, we are excited to see the menstrual cup taking off and experiencing the success its long been destined to achieve.
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