What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Using Tampons or Pads, and Switch to a Menstrual Cup

If you’re still thinking about whether you should switch to a menstrual cup or not, here are a few points to help you decide. Once you switch to a cup, your body will start experiencing some positive changes:

1. No more chemicals and toxins

The reason why tampons and pads often absorb so well is because they are fueled by chemicals that help them to do so. In most traditional tampons and pads brands you will find chemicals like odor neutralizers, adhesives and other things that can increase the risk of cancer, hormonal disorders and even fertility.

Cups on the other hand, are made of toxin-free, chemical-free medical grade silicone that is much safer than cotton soaked in these hazards.

2. Forget about any period smell

A lot of women think that the unusual period smell that we associate with periods comes from the period blood itself. The common thinking about this is that this odor can’t be eliminated, but it can be overpowered by the odor neutralizers in tampons and pads. Not true. It is not the period blood itself that can be smelled - but it is the fact that pads and tampons don’t keep your sealed away from exposure to the air. The oxygen in the air is what begins the process of oxidization, and therefore creates that smell as your blood cells begin breaking down during this process.

A menstrual cup will keep the blood secured and sealed, away from contact with oxygen, which eliminates the period smell! :)

3. A healthier vagina

One things that tampons are great at is drying out your vagina. If you’ve been a regular tampon user, then you’ve probably felt this a million times before. While inside of you, tampons absorb everything, including the natural good bacteria that your vagina produces in order to keep itself clean and at an optimal pH level. Cups, on the other hand, are much more friendly to your lady parts - and don’t disrupt your natural pH balance.

4.No leaks and cramps

Once you insert a menstrual cup, it seals and stays in place, collecting all the blood and even clots, so you won’t have to worry about what you wear or what you do on your period days. Cups also don’t apply as much pressure to your vaginal walls and cervix as tampons do, which is believed to be the reason why many women who switch to the cup start having cramp-free periods!

5. You’ll get to know your natural flow cycle

Using a menstrual cup will help you get a better insight of your period. While tampons and pads distort our view and perception of how much blood we lose during menstruation, with a cup - for perhaps the first time ever! - you’ll be able to accurately understand how much you’re bleeding, for how long you’re bleeding, and what your natural flow pattern is. This will make it easier to detect any possible problems and report them to your doctor. Yay for reproductive health!

Apart from that…

6. You’ll save a lot of money

A menstrual cup is a one time purchase that can last you for YEARS. Unlike disposable pads and tampons that have to be bought over and over again. (Plus, you can always find a great deal on a cup in our menstrual cup collection!)

7. You’ll save the planet!

Cups are zero-waste products. After you use them, you can recycle them. You don’t create the toxic waste like you would with the traditional menstrual products. When you throw a tampon or a pad - it sticks around for 800+ years before it decomposes.

So, what are you waiting for! Join the #CupLife today!

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