What Menstrual Cups Teach Us About Our Body

There’s one reaction that is universal for most of us when we hear about menstrual cups for the first time. Hesitancy.

“What is this? How is this safe? Isn’t it messy? Blood everywhere, ew!” And, the truth is, it is okay to feel like this. When we’re not familiar with something, we have a lot of questions and assumptions about it. We at Rebel Kate work really hard every day to assure women that a menstrual cup is a safe, eco-friendly period product. And while slowly but surely we are helping everyone in choosing what’s healthy for their body, there’s still something about cups that sometimes doesn’t make us 100% comfortable. But does this have to do with new menstrual products like the cup itself, or does it have with how comfortable we are with our bodies during menstruation?

I’m gonna have to deal with all that blood when I’m removing the cup to empty it!”

Maybe. The truth is, your cup completely contains your blood so you’re not touching it, even when dumping it into the toilet. But yes, you will visually experience your full flow going from cup to toilet bowl. But the larger question is -  why are we not comfortable with our own menstrual blood? After all, it’s the only blood that doesn’t come from any type of violence, but from a natural, healthy biological process. Why do we feel like we should never look at it, never have anything to do with it, apart from letting it soak a pad or a tampon and quickly throw it in the trash.

There is so much about our reproductive health that we learn from our own period blood. Being able to keep track of how much you bleed and what your menstrual blood looks like.

A menstrual cup doesn’t absorb you blood, it collects and contains your blood, safely sealed and without creating an unpleasant smell or oxidization.


From a very early age most of us are taught that menstrual blood is something we should hide and frown upon, something that we should just have nothing to do with, look at or touch. How often do we look down on our pads or tampons to see what’s going on there? Why are we so uncomfortable doing that?

We should be comfortable with our menstrual blood, not ashamed because we are healthy and bleeding every month.

So, maybe most of the questions and hesitance that comes with talking about (using) a menstrual cup simply comes because a menstrual cup means we should get more involved with ourselves during our period. That is ultimately a benefit, not a loss.

Choose healthy, choose non-toxic and zero waste. Choose what’s best for you and your body. Own it, be comfortable with it. You are worth love, care and health.

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