Your Vagina Is Constantly Dropping Acid... And Other Awesomely Strange Facts

The way we’re built to carry on through life and give life to others, to the smallest of details, is pretty fascinating. The human body is amazing. Our anatomy is complex but beautiful. How much do we know about it, though? We rarely ever think about all the things that happen in there.

Here’s 5 awesomely interesting facts about our lady parts:

1. Did you know that you have a sheath for a sword down there?

Well, sort of. You mostly know it by the name vagina. This word comes from Latin, and it means “sheath for a sword."

2. Our ancestors thought that our uterus was moving around our bodies

Back in ancient Greece and Egypt, it was believed that a woman’s uterus was wandering around her body, just floating and moving around. So, many times the conclusion was that if you have a sore throat or a stomach ache, it is because your uterus decided to take a trip! However, this is not true. Your uterus is always in the same place, and it does not wander around your body like a lost bullet. What does kind of move, though, is your cervix during different stages of your menstrual cycle. However, this is just a slight movement, definitely not serious enough to cause a sore throat!

3. Your uterus is quite... fruity

An average uterus is about the size of a smaller pear. But once you’re pregnant, the uterus can expand and grow to be the size of an actual watermelon. You’ll probably be able to notice this, but yup, it’s all coming from a uterus that once was a tiny, little pear.

4. Your vagina is dropping acid, constantly

And it normally does this to protect itself from being inhabited with bacteria. The acidic range in your vagina is 3-4 times lower than the pH neutral (which is 7). The acid that the vagina produces helps the pH stay within this range, so that only the good bacteria can live down there.

5. The dark line on the tummy after giving birth was always there

And hiding in plain sight. This line on your abdomen has always been there, but when you’re pregnant, your body produces more melanin - the hormone responsible for skin pigmentation. This makes the line darker and more visible.

So, there you go! Now you know a little bit more about yourself (and other ladies, too). Celebrate your body!

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