GladRags Organic Cotton Day Pad 3-Pack
GladRags Organic Cotton Day Pad 3-Pack

GladRags Organic Cotton Day Pad 3-Pack

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GladRags Organic Day Pads are comfortable, easily washable, good for the environment, and made with 100% organic, undyed cotton. They feature a unique three part design which allows you to customize the pad according to your flow. Choose one or two absorbent inserts to place inside the envelope-style holder, or use the holder alone for an ultra-slim liner.

  • Organic and undyed cotton
  • No plastics, perfumes or adhesives
  • Soft, breathable, all cotton protection
  • Great for women with allergies or chemical sensitivities
  • Doctor recommended
  • No animal testing or ingredients

Size: The Day Pad is equivalent to a standard-size maxi pad, approx. 9 x 2.75 in.

Color: Natural Beige

Includes: 3 holders + 6 inserts

To Wash: Simply soak in cold water or prewash, then machine wash and dry. More detailed use and care instructions inside box.


  • Place the inserts inside the holder.
  • Turn your pad over. Snap it around your underwear. The tag side goes next to your underwear and the smooth side goes next to your body.
  • Change the holder and inserts every 2 to 6 hours or as needed, the same as you would with a disposable pad.

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