Intro to Pads


What about using cloth pads when I'm away from home?

Wearing a cloth pad any time – whether at home or in public – is easy and discreet. When on the go, simply bring a small carry bag with you to store used and fresh pads.

Will they leak?

Cloth pads are constructed for high absorbency to keep you secure. Just change your cloth pad as often as you would a disposable pad, and choose the correct absorbency for you flow (pantyliner, day or night) to stay confident and leak-free.

Won't they get stained or have an odor?

No! With the proper care, your cloth pads will have minimal staining - even after years of use.  And because they're breathable and plastic-free, you won't have to worry about odor. This is one of the first noticeable benefits to most women – no more unpleasant menstrual odor!


Reusable pads are made in varying shapes and sizes, but they all generally come with wings that are made to be folded backwards around your panties, and snap together to help keep them in place. The soft, absorbent strip should be left facing upward toward your body. Reusable pads will last as long as regular disposable pads before requiring a change.


To wash, simply throw them in the washer, or if you want to wait to run the wash, let them soak in cold water to prevent staining. Change out soaking water daily. Machine-washing is fine using cold water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, Machine-drying is also fine.

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