Set of 2 Menstrual Cups

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  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Better For Your Body - Blissfully Free of Plastics, Toxins and Bleaches!
  • Save Money on All Those Pads and Tampons Month After Month - Use Your Cup For Years To Come! 
  • Convenient - Wear Your Cup Up To 12 Hours and Overnight!  
  • Comfortable - Soft, Silky Silicone Can't Be Felt! No More Tampon Dryness or Pad Dampness! 
  • Save Money on All Those Pads and Tampons Month After Month - Use Your Cup For Years To Come! 
  • Easy To Use - Your Cups Will Arrive With an Easy To Follow Guide!
  • Receive BOTH Sizes - 1 Small + 1 Large, So No Need To Choose!
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Limited Supply - max 1 set per person

Love, Love, LOVE this!

"I adore my cup! I have always been afraid to try one for fear of messiness, however, no mess! So much easier than tampons! Environmentally friendly & saves me about $150 a year? Oh yes! Thank you Rebel Kate!"

- Colleen M.

So glad I bought it...

"I've never felt so free during my period! They are SO comfortable, and no leakage whatsoever! I should've done the switch a long time ago. Thank you Rebel Kate! You're the MVP!"

- Thida S.

You Get BOTH Sizes!

Cups come in size small and large, generally based on flow level or whether you’ve had children. But the truth is, this ultimately comes down to what works and feels comfortable for your body. That’s why this special promotion comes with both sizes together - so you can try both, and find your best fit!

This completely eliminates the risk of ordering the wrong size. This advantage alone makes this special offer the best opportunity you'll ever have to make the switch!

More Reviews From Our Happy Customers...

I LOVE my cups!!!

"I LOVE my cups!!! I tried these for the first time last month, and OMG! It made my cramping go away, it made me completely worry free when I was out and about, and even did yoga and wore any undies I wanted because they're 100% leak free! My period even ended 2 days sooner than usual! Amazing! I'll never go back to tampons! Thank you!!!"

- Elizabeth T.

So much easier than tampons!

"Do you use a menstrual cup? Because these things are badass! Save your body, money, and the environment. Thank you @shoprebelkate for my menstrual cup!"  

- Corin K.

Absolute game changer

"Absolute game changer. My only regret is not trying them a long time ago. I prefer this cup over the diva cup (it's a bit softer). I wear a small and had two children and there are no issues of leaking. I swim, exercise and I cannot feel it. Amazing!!!"

- Amanda B.

So glad I made the switch

""I was very skeptical when I first heard about this but I liked the idea of using less chemicals on my body and doing my bit for the environment. I am so glad I made the switch and will not be going back to my old hygiene products."

- Amanda B.

Where have you been all my life?!?

About an hour ago I got done teaching an hour long Buti* yoga class, and it was my first time trying out my cup. I just went to check for the first time and no leaks ALL THROUGH CLASS! Plus I am an extra heavy bleeder, (and ultra tampon doesn't last an hour without being full and leaking) so going not only THREE hours, but one of those being high intensity work out... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?! I will recommend this to other instructors and students for sure. So comfortable too, I forgot I needed to check it after class."

- Bailey

Yes, I Want To Claim 50% OFF Today!

Limited Supply - max 1 set per person

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