GladRags Cotton Day Pad 3-Pack
GladRags Cotton Day Pad 3-Pack

GladRags Cotton Day Pad 3-Pack

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GladRags Day Pads are comfortable, easily washable, good for the environment, and will save you the cost of purchasing disposable pads. They feature a unique three part design which allows you to customize the pad according to your flow. Choose one or two absorbent inserts to place inside the envelope-style holder, or use the holder alone for an ultra-slim liner.

  • No plastics, perfumes or adhesives
  • Soft, breathable, all cotton protection
  • Great for women with allergies or chemical sensitivities
  • Doctor recommended
  • No animal testing or ingredients

Size: The Day Pad is equivalent to a standard-size maxi pad, approx. 9 x 2.75 in.

Color: Note that pads arrive in varying colors and patterns, and cannot be specified. Think of it like an exciting surprise!

Includes: 3 holders + 6 inserts

To Wash: Simply soak in cold water or prewash, then machine wash and dry. More detailed use and care instructions inside box.


  • Place the inserts inside the holder.
  • Turn your pad over. Snap it around your underwear. The tag side goes next to your underwear and the smooth side goes next to your body.
  • Change the holder and inserts every 2 to 6 hours or as needed, the same as you would with a disposable pad.

Read cloth pads FAQ's available here.

Customer Reviews

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Best EVER Team! - Great Service

The team at Rebel Kate are amazing! I had a slight mix-up with my order and not only did they respond promptly to my initial email, they went above and beyond to make sure I got everything I needed and really kept me up-to-date on the status of my request. Shoutout to Jen, the best rep I've worked with in ages!
Even better, the pads themselves were GREAT when they arrived. I do recommend washing them maybe once or twice to make sure any colorfastness is gone before mixing into regular laundry, but these pads are so soft, so versatile, so easy, so comfortable, and so fun!