Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kit
Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kit
Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kit
Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kit

Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kit

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Want to be able to easily clean your cup on the go? Or clean your cup in a more discreet way? Without the prying eyes of your roommates or family?

This handy collapsible silicone cup container travels easily, and can provide water for a quick rinse while in a public stall. It also serves as a handy holding container to allow you to pour boiling water over your menstrual cup sitting inside. Allow your cup to sit in boiling water 4-5 minutes for proper sterilization.

  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • Collapses into small disc shape for easy travel and storage
  • If you're worried about cleaning your menstrual cup in a pot in your kitchen with family looking on, this is a nice alternative :)
  • Perfect for any kind of "on the go" cup needs, such as a pop-up drinking cup, storage container, etc.

Size: 170 ml capacity; Easily fits most size menstrual cups

Please take care when handling boiling water, as this cup container is perfect for providing discreet and travel-friendly cup cleaning, but will become very hot when filled with boiling water and should be handled with caution.

Customer Reviews

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Menstrual Cup Cleaning Kit

The kit is very handy for sterilisation.

Great product

Every girl needs one of these. I bought the cup holder too and love it. Much more mobile now :)

Great product

This cup is perfectly for on the go and low maintenance disinfection and sanitation. I love the fact it’s collapsible

Easy to use

Easy to use. Travels well

Love it!

Such an easy way to clean my cup. I hated having to clean my prior cup. This one travels well, and is awesome. Would definitely buy again.