Menstrual Cup [Set of 2]
Menstrual Cup [Set of 2]

Menstrual Cup [Set of 2]

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More and more women are making the switch to menstrual cups, not just because they're better for the environment, but because they provide for easier, cleaner and healthier periods.

  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • User-friendly, healthier alternative to pads and tampons
  • Save money on all those pads and tampons month after month - use your cup for years to come!
  • Convenient - wear your cup up to 12 hours and overnight!
  • So comfortable, you won't even feel it!

We are big believers in making the switch to the #CupLife but we also understand that many women are hesitant to make the jump because most cups start at around $40 for a single cup. There are cheaper cups available, but these are often made in unregistered facilities with no FDA affiliation. Enter Rebel Kate!

We've created a one-time deal with one of the few FDA-registered suppliers in China to provide a non-branded cup at a discounted price, so that we can offer the same FDA assurance of a branded cup at a lower price tag - all for your benefit!

Use this cup as a starter to give the #CupLife a try without the financial commitment, or fall in love with our unbranded cup forever! Either way, at this price point, you can't go wrong.

Sourcing Information: This cup is made in China. Like every cup we sell, it is made by an FDA-registered manufacturer.

Includes: 1 Small & 1 Large cup + instructions + storage pouch

Sizing: You will receive BOTH a Small and Large cup, eliminating the risk of ordering the wrong size!

  • Small – for women with light to moderate flow, or who are under 30, or have not given birth vaginally. Height (incl stem) 70 mm x Width 39 mm. Capacity 23 ml.
  • Large – for women who have a normal or heavier flow, or who are over 30, or have given birth vaginally. Height (incl stem) 72 mm x Width 44 mm. Capacity 30 ml.

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